How did this get here...

It started at the beginning quite a few years ago, but that's a different story. RxHector (yours truly) had a crazy idea to resurrect the DJLena domain.

RxHector had ran out of ideas(and money for that matter) for things to get his wife for x-mas, feeling nostalgic that day for some reason he decided to get the domain running again

I have been playing with crypto's for a while and just happened to find a hosting provider that let me pay with crypto. I bought this baby with XRP

SO, where do we go from here? That's a good damn question because I have absolutely no clue what will come next.

DJ Lena running on Q Hoster (They take crypto for payment)

Web Hosting and Linux/Windows VPS in USA, UK and Germany

Boy we sure could have used some of this when we made this crzy web site -
Bryce Distillery